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This information has been forwarded by one of our parents and is a great idea.

What would happen to the person you care for if you had an emergency that meant you could not provide your caring role?

Would you be on the end of the phone for an hour making alternative arrangements? What if you were unable to make those calls?

Many Carers worry about who will look after the person/people they care for if something unexpectedly happened to them. This constant worry can cause stress and prevent Carers from having a life of their own alongside their caring role. The Peace of Mind 4 Carers service offers the person/people you care for up to 72 hours free replacement care. It will take away the ‘what if” and replace it with the reassurance and confidence that the person/people you care for will be cared for when you can’t.

This service gives adult/parent Carers and the people they care for PEACE OF MIND knowing that together they have completed a contingency plan that covers all aspects of the needs of the cared for person/people  including  the care and support that the Carer provides. The plan is registered with a 24/7 call service who will activate their plan ensuring that either an informal Carer, existing personal assistant/domiciliary care service or the funded replacement care service “Inspirit” will step in and provide the role of the carer  should a crisis arise which is stopping the Carer from providing their caring role.

Should you choose to take up this service, an n-compass Carers Point! Support Worker will come to your home or a place convenient to you. They will go through the whole process with you and the person/people you care for, answering any questions you have and filling in all the paperwork for you.

If you would like more information on this service or would like to make an appointment for a plan to be completed please contact n-compass Carers Point! on 0345 688 7113 or email cadmin@ncompassnorthwest.co.uk

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